Obsessed with displaying and tracking PDFs online. Real-time document tracking and Instant notifications.

VeryPDF built a “DRM PDF Protector” to do precisely this. “DRM PDF Protector” provides real-time analytics and visit notifications so you can understand how and when your documents are being viewed. It also can be integrated into custom workflows. You can attach DRM protected PDF files into Gmail or Outlook, the recipients will able to read it using VeryPDF DRM Reader easily.


VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector helps you track your content (of all types including PDF’s) and sends you notifications real-time when your prospect engages with your content and more.

Customers who subscribe to VeryPDF DRM also benefit from features that go beyond tracking content. This includes being able to present your content in a way that your prospects are attracted to read, can easily retrieve after a while since they met with you, and share with their team.

VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector lets you track and control PDF documents that you are sending to outside your company.

VeryPDF DRM solution is more powerful than controlling hyperlinks, because VeryPDF DRM continues tracking and controlling the document even after the recipient has downloaded the PDF to their computer or mobile device.

VeryPDF DRM shows you every time the PDF is opened, including the time and location of the file open. If you see unwanted document open activity, you can also disable the file from opening again.

Best of all, the recipient simply opens the file in Adobe Reader, and doesn’t notice anything different versus any other PDF.

VeryPDF DRM is free for individual use. VeryPDF DRM also offers plans for teams, Enterprises, and product developers that wish to embed our technology.

VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector ( http://drm.verypdf.com ) allows you to track when a PDF is opened, printed and closed. You can also track more details such as how much time was spent in it, which pages were the most interesting, shares, etc.

VeryPDF DRM PDF Protector, our PDF security and tracking application lets you:

1. Upload, secure and track documents.
2. Manage permissions and user access.
3. Destroy PDF documents remotely.

All from an easy to use dashboard. Accounts are free fro individual users, have a look!

If you use a PDF security solution like DRM Protector by VeryPDF you are able to easily track when your content is opened (online, real-time reporting) and if your readers are abusing their access rights to your document.

Are there any solutions to track if a PDF has been opened?
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