Document Security, Enterprise DRM, Secure File Sharing, Book Publishing Solutions

VeryPDF has a variety of different solutions to meet the needs of SMBs (Small and Midsize Business) and large enterprises. From encrypting PDF and Office files, protecting photos and images, controlling user access to secured content, to sharing files with tracking and analytics, VeryPDF offers a broad range of document security, image DRM and analytics solutions.

You can protect PDF, Office and OpenOffice, RTF and TXT files, and images easily with VeryPDF DRM Security solution.

Document Security Solution

No matter the type or size of document, VeryPDF DRM Security can lock your PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF and TXT files and assure they remain secure no matter where they travel or on what device. Start securing your research reports, training materials, eBooks, legal documents, financial documents, board materials, or any other confidential or revenue-generating documents with VeryPDF Security. Control who can access the secured document, apply dynamic watermarks, and choose from a wide range of DRM controls including expiry dates, browser limits, printing & copy controls, IP address limits, and more.

VeryPDF DRM secured files are protected with military-grade encryption, no matter who’s accessing the content, no matter what device is being used. The security layers and encryption travel with the document even if it gets saved to a local machine, corporate network, or mobile device. The user will need username and login password to unlock and view the content. You can trust VeryPDF DRM Security to keep your document secure at all times.

Secure File Sharing Solution

Gain the confidence to share your secured files online with VeryPDF DRM Security’s military-grade encryption for protecting your PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, TXT and image files. You can share the protected VPDF files to Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive, or integrate with another file sharing platform. VeryPDF DRM Security protects all types of PDF and Office files, include eBooks, training materials, research reports, financial documents, board materials, manuscripts, legal files, and more!

Various Document Controls Solution

With VeryPDF DRM Security, you can block printing and copying, you can apply a user-specific and time-stamped watermark, you can set various limits including device or browser limits, date limits, printing limits, open limits, IP address limits and more. You can also revoke access to a specific document or user at any time, at the file level or on VeryPDF’s central user portal, and you have access to a variety of detailed analytical reports to monitor how your documents are being accessed and consumed by your users.

You can track your documents and understand how your users are accessing your content. With real-time analytics from VeryPDF Security, you will gain incredible insight. Know who’s opening your secured files, when, from which IP address or computer ID. Know how long users have opened your documents, how much time they have spent.

Image & Photo DRM Controls Solution

With VeryPDF DRM Security, you are in complete control. Choose from a variety of image control and digital rights management settings including print and copy control, custom watermarks, browser limits, expiry dates, and more. Additionally, with VeryPDF’s content security software, you can:

  • Set printing, copying, highlighting & annotation controls
  • Customize watermarks and apply dynamic data to them
  • Customize login forms, settings, policies, and more
  • Set expiry dates or revoke access at any time
  • Military grade 256-bit AES encryption
  • Password, print, copy and watermark control

Subscription-based PDF Publishing Solution

Many organizations publish daily or weekly newsletters or newspapers on a subscription basis, whilst others do so for market, financial and technical reports. Often subscriptions are for 12 months and distribution of the material has been as a standard PDF. The problem with this approach is that substantial revenues are lost because the PDFs are shared, both within target organizations and with other individuals who are not subscribers. They may even be sold on, without the publisher’s permission or knowledge. If this issue is known to be extremely rare or the publications have little or no value, it is not a major worry…. but if the problem grows, or has significant financial or privacy and copyright impacts, action is required.

However, with VeryPDF DRM Security solution, you can protect your PDF files from unauthorized access, your users can’t copy the content or forward them to other parties as readable publications.

eBook Publishing Solution

Many book publishers are looking to ebook publishing as a means of increasing their revenue streams by extending the range of formats in which they can sell existing and future publications. VeryPDF DRM Security offers the kind of solution to medium size publishers have been looking for, on PCs, Macs and mobile devices like iPADs, iPhones and Android phones and tablets.