Dear Support,

I read something you have a PDF Server, I am interested about, i have a little Store for something and like have Online some PDF Documents to order at my store.

Is only little so i like to ask how much is the price.

Kind regards

Thanks for your message, do you want sell the PDF files on your web site? if yes, I think our PDF DRM Cloud API may useful to you, you may test it from this web page,

You can also call PDF DRM Cloud API from your PHP, C# or .NET code to protect your PDF files dynamically, for example, when a user click a button, your program will call PDF DRM Cloud API to generate a DRM protected PDF file, and allow your user to download this DRM protected PDF file.

VeryPDF PDFDRM Cloud API example projects can be downloaded from this web page,

This is the web page for URL options for PDFDRM Cloud API,

VeryPDF has various PDF products and technologies, if you have any question, please feel free to let us know, we are glad to assist you asap.


I want sell PDF files (or PDF ebooks) from my online store, how can I protect these PDF files or PDF ebooks?
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