Do you run an online store selling digital documents?

Tired of hard DRM which is expensive, annoys your customers and can be hacked anyway?
We offer you a personalized and simple watermarking solution which looks even nice.
With a footer, an (optional) Image Watermark and a customized e-mail. We can also add an invisible but traceable token.
Elegant, easy and unintrusive!


We offer you a straightforward API for your online store!
Just send our server a link to your PDF along with the information to incorporate. We will do all the conversion and send the result either directly to you or to your customer’s email address on your behalf.

Secure your data without the hassle.
Your company needs to share sensitive information with external parties, but what if you don’t have the resources to build out security measures yourself? How do you ensure control over your data, no matter where it goes? How do you add security to your existing workflow without bulking up your existing technology stack? You can try with VeryPDF Cloud DRM Protector software, it will solve all of your problems.

We can incorporate:
– AES 256bit PDF protection.
– Unintrusive footer text on every PDF page, containing e.g. the name of the user, her email and IP address, the date of the download…
– An additional second page with a custom image which can be marked with a footer text. Use it with your logo or photo and you have a cool branding feature!
– An invisible token which is stored in our database to make the document traceable.
– Footer/Header/Watermark on every PDF page.
– Permissioning: Control creation, update, view and download privileges for authenticated users.
– Watermarking: Apply dynamic watermarks to documents in the viewer and upon download. Include crucial user information, such as name, time stamps, email, and IP address.
– Activity Tracking and Reporting: Generate and maintain an exhaustive list of all user activity associated with uploaded files and folders.

We can handle all PDF page sizes and PDF formats.

Protect and sell your PDF Documents with VeryPDF Cloud DRM Protector
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